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Shougang's 3 Projects Win the Beijing Science & Technology Award

Release Time:2019-05-17 09:14:43

At the Beijing Science and Technology Awards Conference held on March 1st, Shougang Group won first prize for the project of “high-efficiency preparation technology and application of high-strength and thick-form marine engineering”, and the third prizes for “development technology and application of lightweight steel based on commercial vehicle positive design” and “R&D design and application of mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment.”

In 2018, the Party Committee of Shougang Group united and led the broad masses of cadres and workers to gather strength, forge ahead, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, focus on the "Three Changes", promote transformation and development, continuously exert scientific and technological innovation, continuously release innovation potential, speed up the gathering of innovation factors, and fully improve quality and efficiency at the new historical starting point. Shougang Group has won 14 provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards. Among them, the project “development and application of a complete set of metal structure key materials for super-large hydropower stations” won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and was the only award-winning project related to ferrous metallurgical materials in 2018.

The project “high-efficiency preparation technology and application of high-strength, thick-form marine engineering” has solved the problem of high-efficiency preparation and application after more than ten years of independent research and development. It has passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements in the industry, with the overall technology reaching the international advanced level. Products of this project have been widely applied in large-scale marine engineering contexts at home and abroad, including nearly one hundred large-scale offshore engineering projects such as the world's largest semi-submersible platform “Blue Whale No. 1”, the world's largest 400,000-ton ore ship, and the deepest 400-foot self-lifting platform in China, making important contributions to the upgrading of equipment and efficient manufacturing, and the implementation of the "Ocean Power" strategy.

The project of “development technology and application of lightweight steel based on commercial vehicle positive design” has undergone ten years of collaborative innovation in the entire industry chain, and has been evaluated to reach the advanced level by the Chinese Society of Metals. The key components and materials of this project have the largest market share in China and are being used by automobile enterprises such as BAIC, Ford, FAW, Dongfeng, and Jintianma. The wheels are exported to over ten countries, including Germany, Japan, and the United States, which have rapidly promoted the lightweight process of commercial vehicles in China.

The project of “R&D design and application of mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment” has developed six types of mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment for different parking spaces in different regions, and has built the first static traffic research and development demonstration base in China, receiving extensive attention from the National Development and Reform Commission, the Beijing Municipal Government, and major research institutes. All sectors of society highly praised Shougang's new breakthroughs in urban parking. Among them, the intelligent public car stereo garage is the first and only enterprise to obtain the qualification of bus stereo garage manufacturing in China. The double-ring intelligent circular tower garage and the “Cloud Street” garage are the first in China, and the AGV intelligent stereo garage technology has reached the domestic advanced level. In view of the parking status of shared bicycles in the city, different types of bicycle parking garages, including tree-shaped, cloud-street, and round-tower models, have all been developed to meet the needs for bicycle parking in different scenarios, which will solve the "sickness" of big cities and has already made important contributions to the economic and technological development of Beijing.

It is reported that a total of 212 results have been awarded, including 24 first prizes, 58 second prizes, and 130 third prizes. These projects focus either on tackling key technological problems to meet national strategic needs; or focus on high-end, precise, and advanced areas to provide technological supply for Beijing's high-quality development; or they connect with people's livelihood needs to provide intellectual support for the construction of smart cities, which comprehensively enhances the leadership and influence of the national science and technology innovation center.

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