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Creating a Masterpiece and Providing the Best Services for the Winter Olympics

Release Time:2017-03-29 13:58:44


The construction of the Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project is in full swing. The leaders and staff of all construction units of the Shougang Group are taking practical actions to implement the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection of Beijing, spare no efforts to promote the project’s construction with a stronger sense of mission, responsibility and urgency, and strive to make the Xishi Winter Olympics Square into a model project of park construction with the craftsmanship spirit.

Stepping into the construction site, the reporter feels soft underfoot. The construction site is covered with a layer of ‘green carpet’. The earthwork on the site is also covered with green, which is a dust screen for preventing dust pollution. According to Director Wang Huaiqing of the Shougang Construction Group’s new industrial park engineering headquarters, every employee participating in the Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project deeply feels the heavy responsibility and sense of glorious mission. To create an ‘excellent, model, safe and honest project’, everyone has started from the details and achieved the target of zero pollution in the construction process. Five key areas including the ground and earthwork of the construction site are strictly covered by dust screens that are 100% effective in suppressing dust. Sprinkling, cleaning and other operations are carried out frequently to put an end to dust pollution.

On the construction site, such safety slogans as ‘people-oriented, safety first’ and ‘improve the awareness of safe production and promote safe and civilized construction’ can be seen everywhere. All the way along the ‘green carpet’, employees wearing white, blue and yellow helmets shuttle back and forth. Constructors undertaking multiple types of work are coordinating closely with each other in a busy and orderly manner. A variety of building materials on both sides are classified and placed in different areas. Construction waste is collected in a unified way and cleaned up by special staff. The eye-catching red and white warning fences and specially-built A-level fireproof isolation sheds for oxygen, power and so on always remind people to operate carefully, safely and in accordance with the standards. As Wang Huaiqing said, “It's a glorious thing to contribute to the service and guarantee for the Winter Olympics. We’re very enthusiastic. At the front line of the Park’s development and construction, and the Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project, we adhere to safety first and make efforts to improve the quality of construction, create green ecology and enhance service quality. We are determined, confident and capable of completing all the transformation, construction and other tasks for the Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project in strict accordance with the timeline and high standards. We will fulfill this mission.”

As the Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project involves the reorganization and expansion of the industrial buildings in the old industrial area of the Shougang Group, and the project is divided into 15 single sub-projects, its construction presents many difficulties. The construction of multiple single projects must be synchronized, and the whole project should be completed on time with construction safety ensured and quality standards realized. It involves intensive and complex systems and multiple professions including civil engineering, interior and exterior decoration, steel structure, municipal roads, fire control, weak current, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as complete electromechanical engineering functions and complex professional systems with the characteristics of numerous machine rooms in the buildings, a variety of exterior curtain walls, complex soil structure, dense underground pipelines and so on.

In the face of complex and difficult problems, with ‘building’ as the unit, according to their own characteristics, the different buildings at the construction site are taken charge of by ‘building leaders’ with different strengths. Everyone has their responsibility and the arrangements are scientific and coordinated. Different professions alternate in the working process. With the overall and unified arrangement of the construction, the different professions coordinate and cooperate closely with each other.

In the west, bright light bursts out from a building. Under the protection of the safe aerial ladder, several workers are welding the exterior wall of the transformation project. At the weld, it is brilliantly lit. Several tall buildings that have been transformed stand erect. The design of their exterior walls matches the innovative reinforced steel and glass. The glass inlaid in the reinforced steel reflects the surrounding scenery, embodying the combination of strength and beauty, and interpreting the perfect integration of construction and services. Facing the three discontinued blast furnaces in the distant south of the construction site, the reporter cannot help having a vision, as though the previous bustling puddling scene had reappeared. As the Park's industrial relics, they will be given a new mission through reservation, transformation and re-use, to achieve the gorgeous transformation from industrial architecture to the Winter Olympics square accompanied by a hundred years of steel memories.

We follow Wang Huaiqing into the site of the N3-17 Transfer Station Transformation Project. The elevator in the building is operating and workers are painting the walls in ide. Standing on the 10th floor, we have a panoramic view of the construction site. The Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project has begun to take shape, and the interior and exterior decoration of the staff canteen, No. 1 furnace master control room, N3-3 transfer station and parking structure will be completed by the end of April. The interior and exterior decoration of the N3-2 transfer station, conference center, joint pumping station, energy building, N1-2 transfer station and staff apartments will be basically completed by the end of May. The pressure-differential power generation and small municipal administration will be completed by the end of June.

Wang Huaiqing takes out a completion acceptance schedule and passes it to the reporter. It clearly shows the construction contents and timeline. Wang Huaiqing looks at the whole construction site out of the window and says with determination, “Difficulties and a tight schedule are not problems! The construction of the Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project has great significance and high standard requirements. We have organized 1,500 employees to take turns in holding their positions and followed scientific and rational construction arrangements. With the timeline as the main line, safety and quality as the red lines, and sufficient project preparation, comprehensive construction planning, advanced engineering proposal, adequate resource reserves, strict process control, an excellent management team and careful construction management as the guarantees, we will ensure the completion of the project on schedule with overall high standards, and create a model project of park construction which can stand the test of history!”

Behind the construction of the Xishi Winter Olympics Square lie the joint efforts of the Park’s development department, Shougang Construction Group, park service company and other units.

As Park Development Department General Coordinator Luo Gang of the Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project construction site says, the Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project is in its exterior and interior decoration stage. Unified arrangements are being carried out regarding the construction, time limit, quality, safety, coordinated management and so on. Quality control is implemented for each subdivision and sub-item, and all the tasks are completed in strict accordance with the timeline. Under the premise of the all-round guarantee of safety protection with multiple measures, the timely overall completion of the Winter Olympics Square will be ensured with all efforts, and a satisfactory result will be achieved.

The sky outside is clear and boundless. In the west lies Shijingshan, the ‘top celestial mountain in Beijing’. In the south lies Qunming Lake, the Shougang Group's industrial tourist attraction with an area of 100,000m2. In the southeast stand the industrial relics of the three blast furnaces. After the transformation and rejuvenation of the silos and industrial buildings, the Xishi Winter Olympics Square will take shape. Indeed, ‘the mountain is visible; the water is seen; the Shougang Group complex is remembered’. The steel town which once vigorously manufactured steel has now calmed down, and awaits the achievement of a magnificent transformation.

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